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      Ingenium Homepage Slider

      A red-and-white illustration depicts a giant, white maple leaf in the middle, with small maple leaves scattered all around it.

      Canada Day

      Join the Ingenium museums for a lineup of Canada Day family fun!

      A tiny stylized yellow airplane flies across the sky, towards the right. It leaves a solid line behind it, which curves a few times through the space underneath. Below, realistic white clouds stand out against a dark blue background.

      Eyes on the Skies

      Explore how air traffic is managed in Canada at our new exhibit!

      Cartoon-style garden landscape, focusing on the soil under the ground. Various colourful characters such as such as a mole, an earthworm, and compost smile to the camera, dressed as superheroes.

      Soil Superheroes

      Soil Superheroes provides visitors with an underground perspective on the importance of soil science and conservation.

      Inside the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, a child sits on top of the shoulders of an adult. The child is extending their arms, and an airplane is visible in a background display.

      One Membership, Three Museums

      An Ingenium membership opens the door to discovery at all three of Canada’s museums of science and innovation!

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      From the Channel

      About the Channel

      Ingenium Channel is a digital hub featuring curated content related to science, technology and innovation.

      Ingenium Initiatives

      A tipi in the distance at sunset.
      Indigenous Star Knowledge Symposia: A series of local and international gatherings, on the land and online